İngilizce A1.1 Harf Yayınları Ders Kitabı Cevapları 2014-2015 9. Sınıf İngilizce - Sayfa 69

Read and complete the sentences. Use the verbs in the

1. Today is cold. My brother is wearing (wear) his coat.
2. Don’t shout! Your father is sleeping (sleep).
3. We are at the party. We are having (have) great fun.
4. My mother can’t answer the phone. She is having (have)
a shower.
5. The children are very happy. They are playing (play) in
the garden.

B. Look at the pictures and ask and answer questions as in
the speach bubbles.

1. What is the man and the baby in picture 1 doing?
– They are taking a nap.
2. What are the girls in picture 2 doing?
– They are surfing on the Net.
3. What is the girl in picture 3 doing?
– She is checking e-mails.
4. What is the girl in picture 4 doing?
– She is studying for an exam.

B. Read the paragraphs, check your guesses and match them
with the pictures.

The first paragraph is about picture 1.
The second paragraph is about picture 4.
The third paragraph is about picture 2.
The fourth paragraph is about picture 5.
The third paragraph is about picture 3.

C Read the paragraphs again and answer the questions.

1. No, she isn’t.
2. Janie.
3. She is studying for an exam.
4. It is her secretary’s off today.
5. Yes, they are.
6. No, he isn’t. He is using the public transportation.
They are repairing his car.

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