İngilizce A1.1 Harf Yayınları Ders Kitabı Cevapları 2014-2015 9. Sınıf İngilizce - Sayfa 66

B. Listen and complete the dialogue with the words. Then
check your guesses.

Tom: Matt. Is your brother Michael a university student?
Matt: Yes, he is. He studies Biology.
Tom: How does he get to the university?
Matt: He usually gets to the university by his car. He goes
the to the university on weekdays.
Tom: What does he do at the weekends?
Matt: He goes to the gym and sometimes he goes to a café
with his friends. He sometimes goes jogging but on
Tom: How often does he go jogging?
Matt: He goes once a week. He often goes on Friday evening.
Tom: And how many times a week does he go to the gym?
Matt: He goes to the gym twice a week. On Saturday and
on Sunday. He sometimes goes four times.
Tom: Does he go to bed late?
Matt: No, never. He comes home early on Sundays. He
studies and he brushes his teeth and then he goes
to bed.
Tom: How often does he brush his teeth?
Matt: Three times a day.
Tom: Thanks for your help. It’s all about my homework.
Matt: Never mind. See you later.

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