1)Jake : - - - - ?
Şeyma : About 3 hours.
A) How many favourite TV programmes do you have
B) How many hours a day do you use the Internet
C) Do you have Internet access at your home
D) Do you like spending time with your cat

2)Bircan : - - - - ?
John : I do it everyday because of my job.
A) Do you have a tablet
B) Did you go over your project
C) How often do you check your emails
D) How did you learn to use computers that fast

3)Jack : Hello, is Harris in at the moment ? I have to speak to him urgently.
Mrs. Ferris : I recognize you, Jack. I’m sorry,he is - - - - . He’s taking a shower
right now.
Jack : OK, Ma’am. Could you ask him to call me back soon, please?
Mrs. Ferris : Sure.
A) not avaliable
B) waiting for you
C) not in his room
D) calling you back

4)Mert : How do you usually keep in touch with your friends ?
Taylor : - - - - .
A) I usually send text messages
B) I usually go home after school
C) My mother always calls me
D) My sister broke my phone

5)Danny : Hello, Danny is speaking.
Mike : Hi, Danny, it is David. Is your brother in?
Danny : - - - - , please.

A) Contact in a minute    B) Wait a minute
C) Speak in a minute     D) Talk in a minute 

6)Shila : - - - - ?
Zeynep : I am sorry but I can’t because I have an important meeting.
A) What do you think about the new exhibition
B) Do you want to go to the exhibition
C) Does your father let you go to the concerts
D) Do you like visiting science museums

7)Adam : Do you have any plans for Friday night?
Brain : Well, yes. My grandfather is in hospital. I’ll be there.
Adam : - - - - . I hope he will get well soon.
A) Ohh .It is very nice
B) Huh! It is so bad
C) I’m happy to hear that
D) Your grandfather is in

8)I don’t like technological devices and I prefer - - - - - communication with my friends.
A) face-to-face
B) e-mail
C) mobile phone
D) social network

9)Candy : Hello, Candy is speaking.
Aslı : Hi Candy, it is Aslı, I want to speak with Brain.
Candy : I am afraid he left the office an hour ago. - - - -
Aslı : Could you tell him to contact me. He has my phone number.
A) You are his close friend, aren’t you?
B) Would you like to leave a message?
C) Would you like to come?
D) You disturb me now. I am busy.

10) If you send an e-mail, you are a - - - -.
A) caller               B) receiver
C) listener                     D) sender
11) Zuhal : Can I speak to Feyza, please?
Penny : - - - -
Zuhal : Zuhal Aktaş.
Penny : Ok. I am putting you through now.
A) Could I ask who’s calling, please?
B) Can you hold on a moment,please?
C) She isn’t available right now.
D) She doesn’t want to speak with you.

12)Linda : - - - - ?
Kevin : No, I don’t. I prefer making a phone call or sending a text message.
A) Do you usually send e-mails to your friends
B) What do you do in the evenings
C) Do you have a mobile phone
D) Would you like to buy a smart phone

13)Kate : - - - -
Nazlı : I usually fry it.I sometimes grill it,too.
A) How do you make a cake?
B) Do you usually cook a chicken?
C) How do you cook a chicken?
D) Do you cook tomato soup?

14)Linda : Mom, what do you think about the pizza? I made it for you.
Mother : - - - - .
A) Hımm. It’s delicious
B) It’s your turn, play please
C) Yes, I did it for you
D) WelI. No, it isn’t necessary

15) Melih : - - - - ?
Liz : Well, it’s Turkish Pilaf.I tried it in Turkey twoyears ago. I like it very much and I usually cook it for my family.
A) What’s the name of the project
B) Did you go to Turkey
C) Do you prefer butter in Turkish pilaf
D) What is your favourite dish

16)Emma : - - - -?
Mother : You can come with me to the kitchen and try something to cook.
A) I am bored what can I do
B) Which is your best movie
C) Can I eat everthing here
D) Which snack do you want to eat

17)This cooking course is really - - - -. I hate cooking and I’m terrible at kitchen.
A) boring and I don’t prefer going there
B) enjoyable and I prefer cooking there
C) bad and I have never tasted it
D) good and I like going there

18) Alice : I’m bored. Let’s do something.
Brain : Yes, why not?
Alice : - - - -?
Brain : I don’t like it. I am hungry. Let’s go out and eat something.
A) Do you like watching a film
B) How about going out
C) Do you want to be cook
D) Do you eat in a reasturant

19)John : Are you busy next Saturday?
Wilma : - - - - .
John : How about going to the cinema then?
Wilma : Yeah, that would be great.
A) No, not at all
B) Yes, I have my music course
C) Yes, I’ll go to my cousin
D) I think, I’ll help my father

20)Yasemin is my true friend in the class. She - - - - .
A) always tells me a lie
B) is like a science teacher
C) always backs me up
D) never encourages me

(Her bir soru 5  puandır.Sınav süresi 40 dakikadır.)

LOL   J   Lots of luck…

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